How long is a trial?

Trial lengths vary depending on the product.


Upon signing up, you automatically get 30-days of free Pro access (no credit card required). There is no commitment from you to continue using Scout Pro at the end of your trial. Your account will be automatically downgraded from Pro to Basic (free) at the end of the trial. You are welcome to continue using the free version of Scout forever.

Siera Safety System - S3

There are 3 options for you to get up close and personal with S3.

Remote Demo

We can easily set up a video demo via Zoom/Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams to show you S3 working in a live environment. To book a demo, click here.


Visit In-Person

You are always welcome to visit us in Austin, TX where we have our HQ. We can show you in-person demos. Interested in booking an in-person visit? Email Sales. Please let us know your preferred dates/times.


Customer Site Demo

If in case a remote demo and/or an in-person visit does not meet your need. Siera provides on-site trials. On-site trials usually require customers to cover expenses (shipping, handling, travel, per-diem) plus a small fee for the usage of the product.