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Can I access other (non-SIERA.AI) applications on SIERA.AI tablets?

In case you encounter that your SIERA.AI tablet has access to other apps in spite of having Knox enabled on it, here's what you need to do.

All SIERA.AI tablets shipped from mid-2022 have Knox Mobile Device Management enabled in them. Knox gives you the benefit of getting technical issues fixed remotely by SIERA.AI support relatively quickly. Here are the 3 key benefits of having Knox enabled on your SIERA.AI device:

  1. The tablets cannot be used for anything else other than SIERA.AI App (Scout)
  2. Knox enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting of the tablets by our Support team. Hence improving the quality of technical support delivered.
  3. All software issues on the tablet can be fixed without wasting time in waiting for a replacement, manually accessing the tablet or having a technician visit.

What if you can still access other apps from the tablet, here is what you need to do:

  1. Contact SIERA Support at support@siera.ai 
  2. Get your tablet's IMEI number and the Tag ID (3 digit numeric code at the back on the tablet)
  3. Provide the details to the Customer Support team.
  4. Make sure the tablet is in front of you and powered on.
  5. Make sure it is connected to the Internet (WiFi or good cellular connection).
  6. SIERA support will then send a Factory Reset command to the tablet, it will take a couple of minutes to restart.
  7. Now you need to set up the tablet as a new device.
  8. Once the tablet restarts, accept all devices.
  9. Connect to Wi-Fi (tap next).
  10. The updating page appears and it goes to the checking page itself.
  11. Checking page appears (This device belongs to your organization), tap next.
  12. Setting up your phone click (accept and continue).
  13. Knox license activation, click on agree.
  14. Go to back button and click finish and then click done.
  15. Main Screen appears.

You are all set.