How can the speeds be configured for an S3 Slow to a Safe Stop unit?

Only a SIERA.AI authorized technician can configure the speed limits. Please contact our support team to schedule a technician visit.

The SIERA.AI S3 Slow to a Safe stop product allows for the configuration of variable speed limits to give you control over the operator experience. Depending on the facility, operations and vehicles different operations may prefer different settings.

Please note speed limits can only be configured during the installation by our onsite tech using a special tool and cannot be altered by a customer. In case you would need to update the speed limits contact to schedule a technician visit.

How speed configuration works:

1. There is a module in the S3 device on which the speeds are configured.

2. We can set up to 4 different speed limits.

3. Our technician will need to plug in a special control device into the S3 speed control module to update its software settings to change the speed limits.

4. The technician will request you for your desired speed limits, update the device and allow you to test and confirm the changes before the technician locks the settings.