How to use Multifactor authentication

This article summarizes how to use the MFA and how it will affect the fellow users

  • Account owner can turn ON or OFF the MFA under settings---->account profile:
  • Only Account Owners can choose whether MFA is mandatory or optional for their users in the organization.
  • If account owner turns ON the MFA, by default under user profile the MFA type EMAIL OTP  is triggered.
  • Once they keep mandatory, then MFA will be enabled [by default] for all the users, and the users CANNOT turn it off.
  • If they choose optional, then MFA will be enabled [by default] for the users, but the users can turn ON/OFF the feature.
  • When MFA is enabled, and the user tries to login (dashboard), they will see an OTP input screen, after the email and password have been entered correctly
  • OTP will be sent  on an email as shown below:
  • Entering the valid OTP will verify the user and they will be redirected to the dashboard.
  • OTP will be valid for only 10 minutes
  • If the user enters an incorrect OTP 5 times, consecutively, then they will get blocked from logging on to the dashboard for next 10 minutes
  • Notification will be sent to his email address

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