How to create a new checklist

Learn how to create a new custom checklist.

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  1. In the left navigation menu click Checklist Settings.

  2. A drop-down menu will open, click on Add New Checklist.

  3. Now add a Checklist name and description if you like to mention more details about the checklist. Click on Next.

  4. Add a Section to the checklist to add questions to that section. For example, you can have sections like, Breaks, Hydraulics, Power and so on and multiple questions under those sections.

  5. Type a Section Name and add a description to it if you prefer. Switch on Randomize Question Order if you like the order of questions to be shuffled/changed every time an Operator takes the Inspection.
    Section Start Notification can be switched on to highlight the start of a Section.

  6. Now click on Add Question to add a question and select the input/Response type from the dropdown. 
  7. Click on Add Question again to continue adding more questions and ensure to click on Save to add the checklist.