How do I contact SIERA.AI Customer Support?

This article describes the various channels through which SIERA.AI Customer Support can be reached

SIERA.AI Customer Support Team strives to deliver the best possible resolution in the quickest possible time. If surfing through the articles on our support knowledge base does not answer your questions, you can always contact us through the following channels:

1) Phone: Call us directly with your questions at +1 (512) 817-0702 between 8:00 AM CST to 5:00 PM CST and follow the prompt instructions to reach support.

2) Email:

  • For all questions related to Service/ Installation/ Technical Support send an email to 
  • If you want your operator training certificate, please send a direct email to with proof of payment and your full name. 

3) Chat: Log into the dashboard and click on the chat bubble at the lower left corner. Type your question into the chat window and our chatbot will try to answer it for you. If our chatbot cannot answer the question or you feel that the answer is not satisfactory, please leave your name, email address and phone number and one of our service reps will get back to you in 24 hours.

4) Book a Video Conference Meeting:Want help on screen share or need more training? You can easily schedule a video conference call yourself with our customer success team by clicking here.