How to download Operator QR Codes

This article shows you how to download operator QR Codes which can be used to log into a Siera device.

1. Please login to the dashboard using your admin credentials.

2. Click on the “Users” option in the “Management” option of the left hand side navigation menu. The below screen will appear. Please click on the highlighted drop-downs. Select the work site and set the user access level to “Operator”. The list of operators at that work site would populate.

3. Now we have the option to download a QR code for an individual operator or we can select a group of operators and download their QR codes in one go. 

How to download QR codes for one individual operator:

  1. Select the operator for whom you want to download the QR code:
  2. Please observe the QR code for that operator in the picture below. Click on the download option below the QR code and the QR Code would be downloaded on your computer in the Downloads folder in form of a .svg file.
  3. Print the QR Code and give it to the operator. They can stick it on their badge and use it to log into the touch screen tablet using the camera on the tablet.

How to download the QR Codes in bulk:

  1. Click on the button named “PRINT QR CODES” as shown in the picture below:
  2. Following page will appear. Click on the individual drop downs as shown in the picture and make sure that correct work site is selected, correct QR Code size is selected, “Filter by” is set to “Users”, “User Type” is set to “Operators” and Number of items per page is set to your convenience, depending on the number of operators you have. We have kept it at 25 in this example:
  3. Click on the check box adjacent to “Worksites”. All the operators on the page would get selected and finally click “Print All”:
  4. Following screen would appear. You can either print the QR Codes or Save them as PDF to be printed later:
  5. After you print the QR codes, you may distribute them to individual operators and they will need to scan the QR codes using the camera on the tablet. For instructions on how to use QR codes to login, please click here.