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How do I install SIERA.AI products?

This article gives you information and best practices on how to install SIERA.AI equipment/devices to your vehicles.

There are following ways to install your SIERA.AI products:

  • Installation by a SIERA.AI Field Specialist:
    • The most recommended way to get the installation done is to have a SIERA.AI Field Specialist visit your site and do the installation for you. In case of S2, our Field Specialist can install 3 units on the first day and 4 units per day on subsequent  days. In case of S3, our Field Specialist can install 2 units on the first day and 3 units per day on subsequent  days. Not only will our Field Specialist install the units but they will train the operators as well. For visit charges and visit plan, please contact support@siera.ai.
  • Self installation by your own/vendor's technician:
    • This is only possible if you have a certified technician having good proficiency and experience both on  electrical and mechanical work on your forklifts.
    • Your technician must be SIERA.AI certified to do an installation. Otherwise your warranty will be void immediately.
    • To certify your technician for installing SIERA.AI products you may choose to have SIERA.AI send a trainer to your facility or you may send your Technician to our offices in Austin, TX for certification training.
    • For on-site certification training, our Field Specialist will guide your technician on installation on one of your vehicles and they will be provided with all documentation. It is highly recommended that in case you have multiple types of forklifts, have your technician work under our Field Specialist's guidance on one forklift of every type you have in your fleet.
    • For technician certification at our office in Austin, TX. Please contact us for training charges. Travel, meals and accommodation for the duration of the training is covered by the customer.
    • At any point of time your technician faces any challenge in installing the units, its very important that they send us an email at support@siera.ai with pictures / videos with a detailed description of the problem encountered. Our support specialist will call and guide them through the installation procedure free of cost.
You may share the following knowledge base articles (each article has a supporting video) with your technician for installation:
Getting the installation attempted by an unqualified technician would void the warranty on the devices immediately.