How to lock or unlock an asset from using the SIERA.AI Dashboard

You can easily lock or unlock any asset enabled with access control remotely from the dashboard.

In order to lock or unlock an asset from the SIERA dashboard please follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to the SIERA.AI dashboard

  2. Now from the Left Panel scroll down to see the Management drop-down and select Asset

  3. This will open up your listed Assets, now from the list of Asset select the one that you want to Lock

  4. Below you will see an option called Lock Asset

  5. Hitting this option will open a pop-up message on your screen which will ask you to confirm if you want to Lock this asset

  6. Click YES to lock the asset
  7. Once an asset is locked it would look like this

  8. In order to unlock the asset just select the asset you want to unlock and click on UNLOCK ASSET.


Please Note: To make all these changes you must login using an administrator account on the dashboard.