How to use the Auto-logout feature?

This article shows you how to configure the auto logout feature from the dashboard.

  • The Auto-logout feature, when enabled logs out the operator automatically, after a certain time of inactivity. 
  • Lets see how do we configure Auto logout from dashboard:
  • Log into your SIERA.AI account using Admin credentials and click on Settings >> System Settings >> S2 Settings as shown in the picture:
  • Scroll the screen down and Auto-logout settings would be visible on the right hand side:
  • Now we need to select the worksite to which these settings will apply. The toggle switch marked 2 can be used to enable or disable the auto logout feature.
  • On the field marked 1, you can choose after how much time of inactivity should the operator be logged out.  Finally hit update to make these settings come into effect.
  • Once these settings are saved, the device screen will show the following message on screen after the set duration of inactivity: