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FAQs for Installation and Implementation of S3 and S2 devices.

Here are a few frequently asked questions for installation Siera devices.

Will the units be hardwired into the equipment allowing us the ability to turn the units off and on when/if there is an issue?
Yes, the units can be hardwired to the equipment and wired to the battery of the unit. They can be turned on/off and can be disabled if required by disconnecting it from the power source of the unit.
Do you have a vendor in the locally onsite who can wire the equipment?
We can subcontract with the local vendors and work with them for the installation.
Can these units be installed on rental vehicles?
Yes these units can be installed on rented vehicles and should not have any issues or impact on the units  functionality.
Do you drill holes in the vehicle body?
Typically we do not drill any holes in your vehicle. We use pre-existing mounting points to mount our hardware.
Do you need to cut any wires?
We also do not need to cut any cables on the vehicle. We simply take power from an existing accessory power port or from the battery.