Touch screen tablet Siera application hangs (spinning circle)

What to do if the touchscreen shows a spinning circle.

  • Problem symptoms: The Scout application on the touchscreen tablet gets stuck and shows a spinning circle that does not go away.
  • Resolution
    1. Click the back arrow on the top left twice to get back to the admin login page.
    2. If it lets you go back to admin login page, re login as admin and setup the device again and after that make sure that the device software is updated.
    3. In case it does not let you navigate away from the screen, then try rebooting the device and set up the device again.
    4. In case the same page pops up even after rebooting the device and the screen still shows a running circle, contact siera technical support at A video call from the site needs to be done with the siera development team in order to fix it.
  • Long Term Fix: Software Version V1.1.13P or above fixes this issue permanently.