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What analytics and reports are available in the SIERA.AI Dashboard?

The SIERA.AI dashboard is a powerful tool to get deep insights into your fleet as well as safety.

Our analytics suite provides our customers with the ability to gain unparalleled insights into their material handling operations.

Inspection Reports & Asset Health Analytics

If you are a Scout user, you can drill down and see the history of inspections for each individual asset. You may click the View button to view an inspection in the browser or download a PDF by clicking the download button.

(Coming soon) Dashboard users will be able to generate asset health reports which will help you understand and optimize your fleet to gain operational efficiencies.

Incident Reports & Analytics

If you are using the SIERA.AI Safety System (S3) or S2 you can view:

    1. Impact reports
    2. Near Miss Reports (S3 only)
    3. Unauthorized access reports

You can easily filter these reports by:

  1. A time window
  2. By user, worksite or asset
  3. By incident severity

(Coming soon) Dashboard users will be able to view analytics risk classifications based on data gathered from each incident.