What are the cellular specifications for SIERA.AI products?

This article tells you which cellular network our devices use and how to ensure connectivity for your purchase.

What cellular network does SIERA.AI use?

Our products use the T-Mobile machine to machine network by default in North America. For customers outside North America, the customer will need to work with their preferred local cellular vendor or use WiFi as our default T-Mobile sim cards do not work outside North America.

Will I need cell boosters?

It depends on your facility. If you have poor cellular connectivity in your building, yes you may need to purchase and install a booster. You may also choose to use WiFi if purchasing cellular boosters is not an option.

Where do I purchase a cellular booster?

You may use a local vendor or purchase one online. We do not have a recommended cellular booster at this time. We are happy to connect our North American customers with T-Mobile to get more information.

Do you install cellular boosters?

SIERA.AI does not install cellular boosters. Please contact your vendor for installation services.

Is there a monthly fee for a cellular booster?

Please check with your cellular booster vendor. SIERA.AI does not provide boosters at this time.