What is the current implementation in terms of security?

This article provides information on the different types of security protocols implemented by Siera.

1. Does the software have multi-factor authentication?


2. What type of encryption do you use? What is the version?

We supports TLS1.2 and are in the process of Moving to TLS 1.3

3. Can you share a schema of the data?


4. Can you do IP restrictions?


5. Can these devices use PEAP or PSK?

Yes for both.

6. How is Data tagging implemented for critical and non critical data?

a. Critical Information: PII (User Info), PCI (Payment Info), Plan Info.

 b. Non Critical Information: Portal Access Info amongst the rest.

8. How is Cross Site Scripting Attach prevented?

We use Virtual DOM to Prevent Against XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Attack.

9. Where is DOS protection managed?

Firewall & Managed DNS at AWS for DOS protection.