What are the different Analytical Reports on the Dashboard?

Visualization of data in form of insightful charts are just a click away from you.

SIERA.AI Dashboard now offers insightful charts and trends of data in a more user-readable format

  • A new section ‘Analytics’ will be present in the navigation menu on the left.
  • There are two aspects of this section
    • Charts Library
    • Your Charts

What all has been offered in this Library of Charts

  • On entering this section, you will be able to see a list of default charts
  • All charts are broken down into 3 categories: Inspections, Impacts and Near-Misses
  • You can now search for charts in this list, using the search bar above the list.
  • There is a duration filter above the charts as well which allows you to filter the range of the charts from the Latest to All Time.
  • You can also access the Charts Library provided by SIERA.AI. It can be accessed by clicking the ‘+’ button before the search bar.
  • A new model opens up with two panels in it; Charts Library on the left and Your View on the right.
    • The panel on the left contains ALL the charts that SIERA.AI offers to its customers.
    • The panel on the right contains the charts that the user wants to see on their analytics page.


The users can also customize the order of the charts within each section.

  • You can also customize the order of each section, depending on what you want to see first or later

  • The user must click on the SAVE button to save their order/preferences changed here.