What is the difference between S2 and S3 SIERA.AI system?

Lets learn the difference between SIERA.AI S2 and S3 devices, which can help you decide which one will suit your needs

What is SIERA.AI S2 device?

The SIERA.AI S2 forklift monitoring system comes with a web-based dashboard and software tools where you have the control to create your own checklists and change them when you want. As a result, you can track pre-shift inspections, quarterly inspections and all other critical information that work to keep your forklift fleet operational with minimal to no downtime. If a forklift inspection fails, S2 will alert you in real-time so action can be taken to get the lift truck back to work.

What is SIERA.AI S3 device?

The SIERA.AI Forklift Safety System S3 is a machine vision solution that constantly monitors for any obstructions around the truck every 60 ms. When an object or person comes within the defined distance, say 6', 8' or 12', an audible and visual alarm will notify the operator.

The S3 does NOT need any RFID Tags or special equipment for pedestrian detection to work. The S3 uses deep learning to differentiate pedestrians from obstacles.

Both the devices are unique and self sufficient on their own, let's see what are the major differences between the two:

WiFi Connectivity Yes


Cellular Connectivity Yes


Digital Operator Checklist Yes


Impact Monitoring  Yes


Automatic Alerts Yes Yes
Operator Picture Yes Yes
Dashboard Access Yes Yes
Unauthorized Access Tracking Yes Yes
Pedestrian Detection and Proximity Alarms No


Near Misses Tracking No