Why do I see SMS text messages on my touch screen tablet and how do I stop them?

This article explains the reason why some operators have reported that they saw SMS text messages on their tablets and how can it be stopped

Reason for  SMS Text messages appearing on the tablet:

The tablets are supplied to SIERA.AI by communication service providers. Every tablet has a unique IMEI number and a regular phone number. If that number was being used by some individual before it got allotted to the SIERA.AI tablet, and someone sends a text message on that number, it would show up on the tablet.

How to stop the text messages?

In case you notice any such message on the tablet, please check the tag number at the back of your tablet. Send an email to SIERA.AI at Support@siera.ai with that tag number and we will contact the supplier to block the incoming test messages on that number. Please check  the picture below to see where you can find the tag number: