Why are reports not getting updated on the Dashboard?

This article will tell you why sometimes reports do not update on the dashboard and how to fix this.

When you see that you are using the SIERA.AI device correctly and doing the inspections but you do not see reports showing up in the dashboard, it gets stored in the tablet itself and stays there until it is uploaded to the dashboard. 

Here are the possibilities that can cause this and the solution:

  1. Make sure the internet connectivity in the tablet is good enough as slow internet can cause delays in uploading the data to the server
  2. Restart the tablet once and see if this helps. 
  3. If both of the above steps don't work out for you, you can perform a manual sync of the reports from the tablet
  4. Click on the 3-dot menu
  5. Authorize as admin
  6. Click on Sync Device (1st option in the admin menu)
  7. It will start syncing. Once it's complete it’s done.
  8. Check on the dashboard for reports

If you still face issues please contact support@siera.ai.