How do I fix an S3 device beeping continuously?

If your S3 device is beeping continuously, it may indicate an error mode alert. Read this article to learn how to troubleshoot the problem.

Note: This issue has been fixed with S3 Update V1.3.5. If this issue is still occurring on your device, you may need to update your S3 device firmware. Click here to read instructions on how to update your S3 device firmware.

The S3 device has special capabilities in its software to detect problems and alert you to them. When you hear the S3 beeping continuously even when there is no pedestrian or obstacle in the vicinity of any camera, the S3 is telling you that there may be an error.

You can take certain troubleshooting steps to resolve this "continuous beeping" issue.

Why is my S3 beeping continuously?

The S3 may be alerting you to any one or more of the following issues:

  1. The camera sensor is not sending data to the gateway (blackbox). This could happen if the camera is unplugged from the gateway, the camera(s) is plugged in but not receiving power, or plugged into the wrong port on the gateway.
    1. To ensure that the camera is plugged into the gateway, check to see that the USB cable coming from the camera is plugged into a USB connector port on the rear of the gateway. E.g., for a 1-Sensor S3 ensure that the camera cable is plugged into the first port from the left when looking from the rear.
    2. To check for power going to the camera, check for a dim flickering red light in the vision sensor lens. If you see a red light in the camera, then the camera is getting power.

  2. The camera sensor is mounted upside down.
    1. Ensure that the arrow sticker on the side of the camera sensor enclosure is pointing up. If there is no arrow sticker, then another way to ensure correct orientation is to look at the sensor lens, the data cable should be coming out of the left side of the sensor enclosure to know that the sensor is right-side up.
    2. Once you have mounted the camera correctly, power off the device, wait 10 seconds and power it on again. The beeping should stop.
  3. The camera calibration has been upset after boot up. The S3 calibrates its camera positioning automatically on booting up, however if the camera angle or position is changed while the S3 is powered on it can trigger an error alert. Note that the camera calibration error may also be triggered if the vehicle undergoes a severe change in pitch angle (sharp bump or parked on a ramp for an extended period of time) during operation this may upset the camera calibration.
    1. To resolve this problem, park the vehicle. Then power off the S3 by unplugging the power cable for about 10 seconds. Then power on again by replugging in the power cable. Wait about 2 minutes, if the beeping does not re-occur, the problem is resolved.