How to troubleshoot S3 power failure issues?

This articles provides step by step instruction on how to troubleshoot power related issues on your S3 units.

1. Does the S2 touchscreen power up and charge? If yes, please proceed to step 2, if not, then read below:

  • Press and hold the power button to see if the S2 touchscreen turns on.
  • If the tablet does not power up or show that it is charging, please confirm if the system has power. To confirm power, have a look at the vision sensors, if there is power you will see a faint flashing red light in the vision sensor lens.
  • If you do not see a red light in the vision sensor lens, then proceed to check the power cable of the S3 gateway and measure with a multimeter if it has power.
  • If the power cable has power, then there is likelihood of electrical damage to the S3 gateway which causes the touchscreen to not power up. Please contact our support team.
  • If the power cable does not have power, proceed to check the power cable for a damaged fuse. In case the fuse is damaged, please replace it with a fuse of the same rating. If there is no damage to the fuse, then check the power cable for a loose connection.

2. Does the S3 beep (audio alarm) when it sees a pedestrian (while the vehicle is moving)?

  • If there is no beeping sound, it may mean that the vision sensors do not have power. To check power to the vision sensors, please walk around the vehicle and look into the lens of the vision sensor. Do you see a flashing faint red light? If yes, the vision sensors have power, if no then the vision sensors do not have power.
    • If the vision sensors do not have power, you may try unplugging the vision sensors from the back of the gateway and re plugging them in. If the sensors turn on, the problem may be resolved, if the sensors do not turn on, please contact our support team.
  • If there is a beeping sound on detection of a pedestrian (the vehicle must move for S3 to raise an alarm), then please check for visual alerts on the screen.
    • If there are no visual alerts on the screen, then it may be a Bluetooth pairing issue between the S2 and S3. Please read this article on how to pair S2 and S3, linked below Once the Bluetooth pairing is done, recheck for alerts on the screen. If the alerts do not re-appear on the screen after Bluetooth pairing, please contact support.

Note: On a propane lift truck, if the power source from the vehicle is shut off with the key switch then the S2 touchscreen may lose charge over a long period of shutoff time. We recommend that you power the S2 touchscreen directly from the battery and power the S3 Gateway (black box) from the key switch. In a situations where the S2 is discharged, it's best to remove the S2 touchscreen from the vehicle and  fully charge it by using a wall charger.