How to unlock an asset using the SIERA.AI Tablet?

In case you get an "Asset Locked" screen on your tablet please follow the instructions in this article to unlock your asset.

In order to unlock an asset from the SIERA tablet please follow the steps given below:

  1. When you are logged in to the SIERA tablet and this screen appears

  2. You need to contact the Administrator / shift manager / supervisor and have them login to the tablet using one of the following:-

    - Username and Password (Admin Account)

    sc2 admin login

    - PIN (Admin Account)
    - Bar Code (Admin Account)

    sc3 pin
  3. Once an Admin logs in and Unlock the asset this screen will appear, click on Continue to start using

    sc4 unlock screen

Please Note:- In case you want to know how an asset gets locked or scenarios in which an asset can be locked from the SIERA.AI dashboard please click here to learn more about access control.