What is S2 Access Control and how to use it?

Access control lets you limit vehicle usage to authorized workers using a QR code badge or unique PIN. It also lets you disable a vehicle in case of an impact.

What is S2 Access Control?

S2 Access Control allows you to prevent unauthorized access of your Forklift. This feature allows you to see whose information was entered/which operator tried to access your asset. This can help you keep a track of all the operators. One can only operate the vehicle if they have an authorized work badge or unique PIN. 

With every entry Siera keeps a record and verify the information that was entered, this allows you to see which operator was accessing which vehicle at a certain point of time.

This image shows how a user/operator profile looks like in the Dashboard

How to use S2 Access Control?

S2 Access control also allow you a unique feature which adds to your safety. An account admin gets an option to Lock out the Forklift directly using the Dashboard in case of an emergency or an issue. You can set options to Lock out an asset depending upon your requirement. 

Let us see the step by step process on how you can navigate to the Access Control Settings in the Dashboard:

  1. Login to the Dashboard https://manage.siera.ai/#/ 

  2. On the Left menu scroll down to Settings and tap the drop-down to see System Settings

  3. Tap on System Settings, it will take you to the settings page

  4. On the top you will see three settings options, select Access Control Settings 

  5. You can now see three different Access Control Scenario (in the above image) under Access Control. These settings can be enabled/disabled depending upon your requirement.

    For example:- You can choose when would you like to lock out the Forklift, like after a failed inspection report is generated or when the asset reaches the high impact or after the end of a shift. 
  6. Access control also allows you to set a time when you would like to lock out an asset.

    You can change the time as per your requirement.

If you have issues using S2 access control you can refer to this article https://support.siera.ai/kb/how-to-fix-s2-access-control-not-working 

If the above steps do not fix the problem, please contact support to submit a ticket.