How to log into the S2 or S3 tablet using operator QR Code

This article explains how to log into a Siera device by scanning an operator QR code


Remembering and typing in the pin code might not always be a popular choice among operators. SIERA.AI touch screen tablets have an option that enables us to generate QR Codes for every user which can be used to login to the tablet. In order to see how to generate and download operator QR codes, click here to read the article on downloading QR codes.

  • Once the Operator QR code has been printed and given to the operator, it is recommended that they paste it on their badge.
  • Go to the vehicle on which the S2 or S3 system is installed.
  • Tap on the "Scan User QR Code" option as highlighted in the picture:
  • The following screen will appear. Make sure that the front camera is selected and scan the QR code on the badge using the tablet's front camera by moving your badge near it.
  • Operator will get logged in as soon as the QR code gets scanned successfully.
  • To set the QR code as the default login method, click here to read the article on setting QR codes as default login.